Transparency, from the ground up

Agricultural supply chains are invariably based upon the sale and purchase of weighed goods. Too often, the weight capture process is vulnerable to pilferage, exploitation and dishonest dealing, particularly in rural locations. The analogue nature of these processes allows for inaccurate logging of quantities, purposeful ‘under’ weighing and an inability to accurately trace the source of produce. WeightCapture™ is a digital solution that uses biometric, bluetooth and cloud technology to deliver full verification in the management and processing of goods; eradicating tampering and corruption, and ensuring total transparency in the supply chain, from seed to shelf.

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Credit given where it is due

CapAgri™ is a mobile payment solution that complements the weightCapture™ solution, providing secure, digital/mobile money payments through the full value chain. CapAgri™ is integrated with weightCapture™ and uses biometric, mobile and cloud technology - delivering fast, secure, verified payment eliminating corruption, theft or mispayment. It benefits farmers directly by offering them immediate payments on yield, as well as affordable advances, and ensures that those who are most vulnerable are not subject to theft, loan sharks or unaffordable borrowing.

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Traceability tools for farmers.

FarmCapture allows farms, farmer groups and supply chain organisations that meet all applicable requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and comply with the Rainforest Alliance Assurance Rules process requirements to sell, ship and/or buy their product as Rainforest Alliance Certified. The app consists of different modules for digitising farmer agreements, farm inspection and farm mapping, which includes GPS.

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