Attendance tools for businesses & schools

Using biometric, bluetooth, mobile and cloud technology, timecapture offers businesses and schools a seamless solution to track tasks, time and attendance. Our business solution enables accurate and transparent verification of staff, and can be used to improve efficiency through monitoring attendance, workflow, task management, payroll and report generation. Our solution for schools enables verification to ensure children are safely in school, and acts as a portal between schools and parents, giving parents access to information about attendance, fees, activities and results for peace of mind.

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Biometric census & identification

idcapture™ is an effective system for census taking in a scientific and verifiable manner in all types of environment. The solution provides the tools to carry out a census of all people in numerous situations thanks to the system's portability. Most of the features are flexible enough to take into account multiple field types, fingerprint taking with rules, ICAO standard passport type pictures, and Doc-scanning with perfect cropping simply with the tablet for: marriage certificates, birth certificates, IDs and other documents that are vital for the registration process. A thermal printer with grayscale printing can also be provided to give quality paper receipts. Cards are produced that will be given to the members with NFC & QRCODE info.

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